The Team 


Louis Devereux 

Having a background in cinematography and lighting Louis makes his directorial debut with "The Rift". When Robert told Louis about his intentions to walk the rift valley, Louis dropped everything to pursue the opportunity to make this documentary. Without quite knowing what he was getting into, he was thrown into the deep end and has been on a journey himself making this piece. It has been a learning on the job project but what a job to learn on. During the post-production process, Louis has co-produced another feature length project, released to the UK on the 19/1/18, called "The Isle" and has been involved in a number of other shorter length projects as well. 

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Robert Devereux 

Robert, father of 4, has always been an adventurer, whether it be climbing mountains, running marathon's or setting up businesses he is very rarely still. Having helped set up and then run Virgin Entertainment he moved into hospitality with the Soho house group and into the forestry industry in various African counties. He now lives a more philanthropic life supporting charities such as Save the Rhino and The African Arts Trust. It has not all been plain sailing though, Robert and his wife Vanessa went though a divorce 20 years ago, prompting Robert to backpack round East Africa for a few months. Was this where his love of African started? Is this walk completing a life cycle? These are some of the questions we ask during the documentary and with Robert being Robert we didn't exactly get the answers we were expecting. 

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The Camera men, Ludo Brockway and Christian Cometa 

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Ludo has had a camera in his hand since he was a child and has gone onto to become an in demand cinematographer. Orientating his work in a push to save the environment he was well equipped for the trials and efforts of shooting in the harsh and hot conditions we experienced. His past work include the feature documentary "Choice Point" and "The Lost Trail". He has shot and directed for companies that include Virgin Galactic, Knight Frank and Edminston Super Yachts. He is currently producing and shooting his latest effort to save the planet from global warming "Eating our way to Extinction"

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Christian - Having made documentaries for brands like Red Bull, The North Face and production companies like Fulwell 73; Christian has shot some premium talent in some amazing locations around the world and continues to put out high end content.